SIT10116 – Certificate I in Tourism (Australian Indigenous Culture)

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Career Training Institute of Australia (CTIA)

is offering the Certificate I in Tourism which includes both theory and practical delivery in a holistic Indigenous setting on South Stradbroke Island where students will consolidate the practical application of the qualification in consultation with the Balunjali Indigenous Cultural community leaders. The objective is to provide students with a program that addresses all the necessary criteria for the Certificate I in Tourism (Australian Indigenous Culture) in an exciting, cost effective experience of a lifetime. Study is required over a number of subjects which is disseminated into experiential learning through participating in the practical Indigenous cultural program and classroom activities.



VETiS is funded by the VET investment budget, this means there are no costs to eligible students. This funding covers the cost of the qualification and all costs associated with the delivery and training of 6 units of competency including resources and consumables on the cultural experience.



Career Training Institute of Australia (CTIA) are able to facilitate an experience specifically for students in years 10 to 12 where students share aspects of local indigenous culture as required in the unit Interpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous Culture. Students liaise with local Indigenous community elders while attending the mandatory cultural experience on South Stradbroke Island with Balunjali, students learn about acceptable protocols and sharing of local Indigenous culture.

The training offers students a qualification in an interactive environment, training is taken out of the classroom allowing students opportunity to participate in this hands on experience, whilst completing both theory and practical training within a workplace context to emphasis the employability skills required today.

Australian Indigenous Culture, Stolen generation, Team building, Indigenous language, Hunting techniques, Bush tucker

Students complete 6 units of competency as part of the Certificate I in Tourism; the practical requirements for these units are assessed while students participate in the essential Indigenous cultural experience.



Participation in this program enables both students and schools to meet the ACARA cross curriculum priority to enable students to understand and appreciate the value of other cultures. Students gain valuable life skills and knowledge of our Australian Indigenous Culture, something which is important in all business today. Successful completion of this qualification will enable students to gain additional points towards their QCE. Training and practical cultural experience options can be flexible enabling delivery over school holidays after school or weekends.



Students wanting to enroll must provide or adhere to the following:

  • Attend all scheduled training days
  • Provide a copy of a Birth Certificate /extract or passport
  • Supply CTIA with a fully completed application form
  • LUI number – to register on student learning accounts
  • USI – CTIA cannot issue certificate without this
  • Credit transfer evidence where a student has successfully completed a unit elsewhere



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