Professional Development - Students

Career Training Institute of Australia (CTIA) works with large corporations, small businesses, government organisations and individuals, to provide training and development solutions to increase the skill levels of our students throughout Australia in the recruitment, upskilling and development of their employees from 1 to 1,500


Development Opportunities Currently Available:

  • Girreba Indigenous Culture Program
    • We offer the opportunity to update your knowledge and understanding of Australian Indigenous culture. The Girreba program is designed to awaken the sense of belonging and pride in Australia’s rich indigenous history. Girreba is the culturally sound teaching of Indigenous values, traditions, and practices through experiential learning in the Indigenous environment of the Corroboree.


With the introduction of the ATAR system, CTIA is working closely with schools to assist in tailoring programs and extending qualifications to a Certificate III level.


Australian Apprenticeships combine time at work with training and can be full-time, part-time or school-based. Training is tailored to the employers' needs.