VETiS (Vocational Education and Training in Schools)

  • CTIA offers Certificate II qualifications in Tourism and Hospitality funded by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training’s VET investment budget.
  • These programs provide an introduction to the tourism and hospitality industries and could lead to entry level positions within these two rapidly growing employment areas.
  • Successful completion of a Certificate II qualification may enable students to gain an additional 4 QCE points,
  • There are no costs to eligible students.
  • This funding covers the cost of the qualification and all costs associated with the delivery of the units of competency that make up each qualification including resources, consumables and practical consolidation.
  • All Queensland secondary school students in Years 10, 11 and 12 can access VETiS funding, however VET investment funding can only be used for those qualifications identified as employment stream qualifications.
  • Students who complete a certificate I or II level qualification at school are still eligible to access further Queensland Government subsidised training post-school such as the Certificate 3 Guarantee.
  • Students undertaking VETiS, will be funded to complete one employment stream qualification at the certificate I or II level.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to access a VETiS qualification funded by the Queensland Government, prospective students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in secondary school, in Year 10, 11 or 12;
  • Permanently reside in Queensland
  • Be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes humanitarian entrant), temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residence, or a New Zealand citizen.
  • Attend all scheduled training days
  • Provide a copy of a birth certificate / extract or passport
  • Supply CTIA with a fully completed application form
  • Provide a LUI (Learner Unique Identifier) number – to register on student learning accounts
  • Provide a USI (Unique Student Identifier) – CTIA cannot issue certificate without this


SIT20322 – Certificate II in Hospitality

  • CTIA offers Certificate II qualifications in tourism and hospitality funded by the  Department of Employment, Small Business and Training’s VET investment budget.
  • On successful completion of a Certificate II course, students have the option to progress to a Certificate III level qualification for a nominal fee.
  • CTIA can tailor a training program to meet the individual needs of your school.
  • Successful completion of a Certificate II qualification may enable students to gain an additional 4 QCE points.

SIT20122 – Certificate II in Tourism

  • Experience tourism first hand as only CTIA offers an experience of a lifetime where you can consolidate your learning by attending one of our amazing Queensland destinations as you see how each of the sectors work together seamlessly, which has made Queensland the destination of choice for many domestic and international travelers.
  • CTIA brings a unique opportunity in training to your school that involves face to face learning, research activities and ‘hands on’ experience as learning is taken out of the classroom where students immerse themselves in either leisure tourism or eco-tourism.
  • Depending on your location you can choose one of the following:

Eco-Tourism – Tangalooma Island Resort

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Leisure Tourism – Gold Coast

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With the introduction of the ATAR system, CTIA is working closely with schools to assist in tailoring programs and extending qualifications to a Certificate III level.

Specialist training in Hospitality and Tourism

- CTIA works closely with industry to be able to provide our students with a practical ‘hands on’ approach as we provide opportunities for students to be immersed within hospitality or tourism as part of their studies.
Choose from either:
- a practical stay at Tangalooma Island Resort where students will stay and learn aspects of the unique eco- system of Moreton Island and the impacts of eco-tourism or
- Gold Coast stay which is geared towards leisure tourism. Students become a ‘tourist’ during their stay experiencing the best the GC has to offer.
- Alternatively, hospitality students can consolidate their learning putting their new skills into practice in one of our 5 star partner hotels and resorts.

Want to learn?



SIT20122 -Certificate II in Tourism

SIT20322 –Certificate II in Hospitality (VETiS)