Career Training Institute of Australia (CTIA) offers Certificate I and Certificate II qualifications in Tourism and Hospitality with the option to progress to a Certificate III or Diploma level qualification, funded by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training’s VET investment budget.

CTIA can tailor a training program to meet the individual needs of your school.

Programs provide an introduction to the tourism and hospitality industries and could lead to entry level positions within these two rapidly growing employment areas. Successful completion of a Certificate II qualification will enable students to gain an additional 4 QCE points, will assist students by building on their employability skills and will enhance success with resumes, applications and interviews by showing an understanding of cultural awareness in today’s society.

With the introduction of the ATAR system, CTIA is working closely with schools to assist in tailoring programs and extending qualifications to a Certificate III level. These programs are being designed to be delivered within your current school curriculum.